Easy installation:
1. The board must be clean and dry and at room temperature.
2. Remove PSA backing tape from pad.
3. Apply pad in desired location and apply pressure with your hand to the entire pad.
It's that easy!
3 Year Warranty
All ToeJamR Snowboard Stomp Pads come with a 3 Year Replacement Warranty
If for any reason the our stomp pad should fail to perform in it's intended use we will replace the Pad at no cost.
Just pay $3.99 Shipping and Handling charges. Within the first 90 Days of Purchase there is No Charge.
All you have to do to is email us with a photo of the failed item
and indicate the date of purchase and we will send you a new one.

Enjoy the Slopes with these amazing stomp pads!

Made in Canada (We Know Snow)